Single-Lid Smoker

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Single-Lid Smoker

This unit offers a vertical smoking section, used for smoking foods such as turkeys or hams. Sizes available are 16″ x 32″ w/ Firebox, 20″ x 32″ w/ Firebox, and 20″ x 40″ w/ Firebox.

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1 review for Single-Lid Smoker

  1. Michael Angelopoulos

    I’m just a Yankee from Chicago, but this smoker is amazing. I’ve done every kind of meat on it (plate beef ribs by far my favorite) and it comes out perfect. The temperature control and retention is so precise it makes it fun and easy. I’m no expert, but everyone that sees its majesty in my back yard is impressed and jealous.
    If you’re in the market for a hoss smoker, this is the one.

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