Camper Grill

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Camper Grill

Can be used on smaller patios such as apartments or town homes.

Sizes available are 16″ x 26″ and 20″ x 28″.

16″ x 26″ Camper Grill  $545

20″ x 28″ Camper Grill  $620

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2 reviews for Camper Grill

  1. Ray Tedder

    Bought mine at Montalbano Lumber in Houston,TX over 20 years ago. Best pit I’ve ever owned!!!! Money well spent!

  2. Jack Kirchhoff

    Like the old guy on the lid of my Lyfe Tyme camper grill, long since burned and weathered off, I bought mine when I was young. Well, I bought it more than 20 years ago. It’s been in my back yard, through all those summers and Canadian winters, and is still sound as a bell. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain as well (and recently was gifted a Bradley smoker), but the Lyfe Tyme is my default pit. For a small, simple barbecue setup, the camper grill is remarkably versatile. I’ve done whole turkeys on it, and countless other meats and fish. I reverse seared a lot of tri tips on it over 2019, just piling the charcoal at one end and cooking it slowly at the other end, then opening up the grill and firing up the charcoal pile and putting the meat right over it. Perfect. I even tracked down and bought a single-lid grill with the big vertical smoking chamber for my stepson on his birthday. He loves it.

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