Bottom Grate for Firebox

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Bottom Charcoal Grate

This grate goes in the bottom of the firebox of our grills and smokers, as well as our campers and single-lid grills. It promotes better airflow and helps to prevent burnout in the bottom of the firebox or grill. Below are the prices for our current standard sizes, however we can make any size you need.

16″ Bottom Charcoal Grate for Firebox   $35

20″ Bottom Charcoal Grate for Firebox   $35

24″ Bottom Charcoal Grate for Firebox   $45

Table-Top Bottom Charcoal Grate  $35

Camper and Single-Lid Grills Bottom Charcoal Grate  $70

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3 reviews for Bottom Grate for Firebox

  1. David Berry

    It has been good but is wore out and falling apart I need another one. It did not last a life time How can I get one I live in Richwood Texas 77531

    • marsha

      Thank you. I am out of the office until Wednesday of next week. Please call me a t 1-800-394-8963 and we can discuss what to do?

  2. Joshua Harris

    I need to get a new bottom grate for my firebox. The one I have is pretty much done. I’ve had the pit over 8 years now. Please advise. Thanks.

    • marsha

      Please email me at for purchasing information. THANKS

  3. ralph pokluda

    I need to get another bottom grate for firebox as mine has seen its last days. The dimensions are 8″ x 14″. Please advise. Sincerely, Ralph Pokluda

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