Double Lid Smoker

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Double Lid Smoker

Like our single lid smoker, the double lid smoker is extremely versatile. The only difference is two lids on the horizontal smoking chamber, instead of one. On the 20” x 40” smoker, this makes the lids a little easier to lift. This also allows us to use a larger diameter pipe with our 24” x 48” double lid smoker, giving even more room for smoking. The vertical chamber has three removable shelves and a hanging rod, making it perfect for smoking turkeys, hams, bacon and link sausage. A temperature gauge port is added to both the vertical and horizontal chambers for a more accurate read of both chambers’ temperatures. The base of the vertical chamber also has its own clean out door. With the offset firebox, you can still grill your steaks over flames. Like our double lid grill with firebox, this smoker offers temperature control with our butterfly intake draft and smoke stack damper. A large cleanout door and removable wood/charcoal grate in the firebox makes for easy clean up. You’ll also find a drain and a hook for a grease bucket under the vertical chamber. These grills come with heavy duty wheels and a handle for moving, as well as a wood rack for storage. All of our grills are made of new, ¼” pipe and are hand-welded.

20″ x 40″ Double-Lid Smoker with Firebox  $2020

24″ x 48″ Double-Lid Smoker with Firebox  $2970


20″ x 40″ 24” x 48”
Overall Height 82″ 92”
Overall Width 32” 36″
Overall Length 92” 110”
Weight (lbs) 700 1400


Double lid smoker with firebox comes with cook surface grates for the grill section and the firebox, three removable shelves and hanging rod in the vertical smoker, wood/charcoal bottom grate for the firebox, and a clean out tool.

Additional options include:
Temperature Gauge – $40.00
Wood/Charcoal Grate for Grill Section – Price varies depending on size


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· New 1/4″ steel chamber and lid with flange seals
· Large cleanout door with butterfly intake draft and stack damper
· Offset firebox with warming plate
· Removable steel bottom grate for firebox
· Grated steel cook surfaces for horizontal smoke chamber and firebox
· Three grated steel shelves in vertical smoke chamber
· Two hooks and a removeable hanging rod in vertical smoke chamber
· Steel wheels
· Metal handle on end of pit for moving
· Solid hardwood handles on lids and vertical smoker door
· Grease drain with 1” threaded nipple and hook for grease bucket
· Storage rack for wood and charcoal
· High heat paint
· Temperature gauge ports for both smoke chambers
· Clean-out tool for ash removal

7 reviews for Double Lid Smoker

  1. Mark Cone

    Nice pit!

  2. Juan Alegria

    I’m going to buy that pit very soon. Can’t wait.

  3. Ed McClintock

    Got mine in 2001 while still living in Angelo. Still have it and love it.


    I was gifted mine over 20 years ago. Up until then I never had a smoker that would maintain temp. This one does. Great smoker!

  5. ricardo meza

    best ever smoker!! i had it now 4 years and love it!

  6. Joe Sorrells

    I purchased the 24×48 model (double lid smoker) about two weeks ago and fired it up for 4th July weekend…. just need to a trailer & grill cover

  7. Billy Papania

    I’ve had my pit with smoker for more than 20 years. It cooks fantastically and I love it. For Thanksgiving I put a smoked ham on the top rack of the smoker and a large turkey on the bottom rack. The fat from the ham drips down on the turkey and the result is amazing.

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