Single-Lid Grill w/ Firebox

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Single-Lid Grill w/ Firebox

These are our most popular grills. They are great for family use in backyards and can be used in a variety of ways including the indirect cooking method Lyfe Tyme is known for. Grill section sizes available are 16″ x 32″, 16″ x 40″, 20″ x 32″, and a 20″ x 40″.

16″ x 32″ Single Lid Grill with Firebox  $850

16″ x 40″ Single Lid Grill with Firebox $925

20″ x 32″ Single Lid Grill with Firebox $1070

20″ x 40″ Single Lid Grill with Firebox  $1200

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14 reviews for Single-Lid Grill w/ Firebox

  1. Andrew Eckenfels

    I have owned my single lid with firebox for over 12 years now. It is still kicking out great bbq. Being in the military, it has followed me through four different states and is currently with me in a Hawaii. It’s awesome to be able to smoke a Texas brisket anywhere I got stationed, and of course my friends/family love it as well. Nice job on craftsmanship guys! Built to last!

  2. K C Pruitt

    I have owned my Lyfetime for almost 40 years. I purchased it new in Hempstead, Texas. It has seen countless briskets. In the aftermath of hurricane Alicia in ‘83, I cooked everything on it for 5 days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee, hot water to warm the baby’s bottle. In ‘91, I moved to California. The salt air near the ocean caused the steel wheels to rust solid to the axle. I moved it back to Texas in ‘02. It weathered a a tornado and hailstorms. The Lyfetime decal faded, cracked and disappeared. The wood handles dry rotted but nothing has harmed the way it cooks. Solid five stars.

  3. Edward Tritico

    I love this pit. My next purchases will be my third..

  4. Paul Fledd

    Inherited this Single-lid from my father. He bought it new in 1988 in the New Braunfels area. Drove all the way to Louisiana in the back of his truck. This is the most amazing smoker. Extremely well built and very durable. He had it under a lean-to so it never saw weather, now I have to do the same. If I ever have to purchase a smoker, this will be the one I get. Thank You for making a product so well, it has been passed down from father to son, and probably from son to grandson.

  5. William Ward

    I first bought a single lid w/firebox in the 16X32 size. I kept it about 14 years and, aside from the handles rotting and the wheels frozen it was in great shape. I’ve since passed it on to my sister and replaced it with the 20X40 w/firebox. I find that that size seems easier to work with both in quantity and temp. I will say the I believe that the fit and finish is not as good as my first. The lids don’t seem to fit properly. That just may be due to deferent fabricators. Otherwise it’s a great rig that I’m overall pleased with. This should last me the rest of my life!

    • marsha

      Give me a call next week and let me know what the problem with your lids is and maybe we can help.

  6. Mike Lackey

    I bought my single lid smoker from a friend that discovered he was allergic to smoked meats! It had only been used three times. I’ve owned it now for over 30 years! It’s moved from ranch to ranch with me and now resides in my back yard. The smoke box is in dire need of reworking or replacing just doesn’t seal well anymore but have no idea of the cost. If I lived closer than 5 hours from Uvalde I’d get an estimate. Would love to pass it on to my son! Great pit with unforgettable memories! Thank you Lyfetyme!

    • marsha

      Thank you. If you would like to send some pictures through email I can give you a cost estimate and see if we have dealer located near you. Where are you located?

  7. Donald Gelisse

    I bought my smoker grill from lyfetyme in Hondo, Texas in 1997. I brought it to Florida. I’ve cooked on it at least 4 days a week every week.. For 23yrs its just now starting to come apart lid hinge deteriorated as well as dampener wood handle gone and interior grates have all been replaced several times. I have bragged on your grills since I bought it…before I bought a lyfetyme I’d go thru walmart grills like every six months great investment for your dedicated griller wood like to replace worn out sections but live here in Florida

  8. Troy Benton

    I’ve had my single lid grill with fire box since 2000. It’s Been great and always cooks good. The wheels are rusted solid and coming apart but as for the pit itself, still looks good. Should last another 20 years.

  9. Karl Calhoun

    I have had my LyfeTyme BBQ pit since 2005 when I purchased it in Midland, Texas. It has resided in my back yard in the State of Washington since I moved here in 2005. I have not had a bad day with this BBQ pit. I would recommend this company to anyone if they were looking for a great BBQ opportunity. As I’ve grown older, the pit seems to have put on weight as much as I have. I find it to be heavy these days and one of the wheels is rusted/welded to the axle. I managed to get the other wheel free so it now will roll. I have used penetrating oil, and a shop hammer to loosen things up, but it will not turn for me. Anyone with ideas ? This is the best BBQ pit I’ve ever owned and it will be passed on to one of my sons some day. Thanks LyfeTyme.

  10. Robert Casstevens

    I purchased my grill in 1986 in Weatherford, Texas, and it still looks like new – handles are weathered and the fire box door seal is rusted away, but otherwise, still going strong. My grill must have been a discontinued size, because the smoker section is only 12 inched wide – too small for a good size brisket. It will outlive me by many years. Now for a negative – I consider a design flaw – the smokestack pipe exits the smoker section at a 90 degree angle, then turns up. The small pipe section traps moisture and rusts completely through in a few years – I’ve had to replace the section twice. Easily fixed on my second replacement – a simple angle. Good product – wish mine was larger.

    • marsha

      Thank you for the comment. We will certainly take your recommendation into consideration.

  11. Reggie Slocum

    Mine is 20+ years old, has been in the weather most of its life.
    Best grill I have ever owned, it’s finally starting to rust out & fire box is no longer useable.
    I need to get a new one

  12. Allan G.

    I,ve had my life Tyme smokers since 1986, still going strong! I even have one they don’t make anymore, A 12 inch firebox with a 12 inch smoker. I use it for quick grilling! The other is a 16 inch firebox and 16 inch x 32 smoker.

  13. Bobby

    I bought my 32 x 16 single lid 26 years ago in Hempstead , TX and it has been great. I ordered new handles for it today as the old ones cracked and squirrels ate the rest lol. This smoker makes great brisket and is made to last life time or two. I’m repainting mine and putting new handles on it and a new sticker too so it will be like new for decades to come. These are built to last 100 years or more if taken proper care of from the Houston,TX heat.

  14. David McMichael

    I have owned my Lyfe Tyme Grill since 1998 and it still is going strong, only thing ever replaced were the Handles and I am now going to order new ones, probably need to add a New Sticker. I only paid $875.00 for it back then What a Bargain. It is cooking right now Tri Tips and Giant Beef Ribs with some Smoked Potatoes.

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