Single Lid Grill

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Single Lid Grill

Our single lid grills are perfect for steaks, hamburgers or anything that requires direct heat cooking. All of our grills are made of new, ¼” pipe and are hand-welded. These grills offer temperature control with our butterfly intake draft and stack damper. A large cleanout door and removable wood/charcoal grate makes for easy clean up. Underneath you’ll find a drain and a hook for a grease bucket. This grill also comes with heavy duty wheels and a handle for moving, as well as a wood rack for storage. Our single lid grills come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

16″ x 32″        $710

16″ x 40″        $775

20″ x 32″        $830

20″ x 40″        $870

24″ x 40″        $1175


16” x 32” 16” x 40” 20” x 32” 20” x 40” 24” x 40”
Overall Height 57” 57” 61” 61” 64”
Overall Width 31” 31” 32” 32” 36”
Overall Length 40” 48” 42” 50” 50”
Weight (lbs) 175 200 250 300 400


Single lid grills come with a cook surface grate, a wood/charcoal bottom grate, and a clean out tool.

Additional options include:
Temperature Gauge – $40.00


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· New 1/4″ steel chamber and lid with flange seals
· Large cleanout door with butterfly intake draft and stack damper
· Removable steel bottom grate
· Grated steel cook surface
· Steel wheels
· Metal handle on end of pit for moving
· Solid hardwood handle on lid
· Grease drain with 1” threaded nipple and hook for grease bucket
· Storage rack for wood and charcoal.
· High heat paint
· Temperature gauge port
· Clean-out tool for ash removal

2 reviews for Single Lid Grill

  1. Todd

    My dad has owned this grill for 35 years. He just passed it down to me. It sat outside uncovered most of its life. After knocking the rust off it is as solid as the first day. All the welds have held up beautifully. I plan to clean it up and pass it down to my kids in another 30 years. As far as I am concerned, no one makes a more durable grill.

  2. Domingo Torres III

    I’ve had this grill for 28 years and have cooked countless pounds of meat. It’s long enough to smoke a brisket or ribs or chickens with the fire on one side and the meat on the other side. And hamburgers and other incidentals over direct heat. The pit has developed a hole in the smoke stack and in the major chamber. Time to get a new one! Thanks Lyfetyme!

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