Double Lid Grill with Firebox

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Double Lid Grill with Firebox

Our double lid grill with firebox is another very popular grill. This grill is just as versatile as our single lid grill with firebox; however it has two lids over the grill/smoker section, instead of one. The offset firebox allows for the indirect cooking method Lyfe Tyme is famous for, as well as doubling as a grill. It can separate the fire from the meat, dissipate heat, and end radiant cooking, grease splatter and flare-ups. The warming plate on top of the firebox creates the ideal place for the bean-pot or sauce. All of our grills are made of new, ¼” pipe and are hand-welded. Like our single lid grills, this grill offers temperature control with our butterfly intake draft and smoke stack damper. A large cleanout door and removable wood/charcoal grate in the firebox makes for easy clean up. You’ll also find a drain and a hook for a grease bucket under the horizontal smoker section. These grills come with heavy duty wheels and a handle for moving, as well as a wood rack for storage.

16″ x 40″ Double Lid Grill with Firebox      $1115

20″ x 40″  Double Lid Grill with Firebox     $1375

24″ x 48″ Double Lid Grill with Firebox      $1990

24″ x 60″ Double Lid Grill with Firebox      $2395


16” x 40” 20” x 40” 24” x 48” 24” x 60”
Overall Height 57” 61” 64” 64”
Overall Width 31” 32” 36” 36”
Overall Length 67” 68” 82” 94”
Weight (lbs) 350 450 900 1000


Double lid grill with firebox comes with cook surface grates for both the grill section and the firebox, a wood/charcoal bottom grate for the firebox, and a clean out tool.

Additional options include:
Temperature Gauge – $40.00
Wood/Charcoal Grate for Grill Section – Price varies depending on size

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· New 1/4″ steel chamber and lid with flange seals
· Large cleanout door with butterfly intake draft and stack damper
· Offset firebox with warming plate
· Removable steel bottom grate for firebox
· Grated steel cook surfaces for smoke chamber and firebox
· Steel wheels
· Metal handle on end of pit for moving
· Solid hardwood handles on lids
· Grease drain with 1” threaded nipple and hook for grease bucket
· Storage rack for wood and charcoal
· High heat paint
· Temperature gauge port for smoke chamber
· Clean-out tool for ash removal

9 reviews for Double Lid Grill with Firebox

  1. Robert Duncan

    I bought mine over 25 years ago. It has endured hurricanes, hail and freezes. Continues to produce brisket to turkeys with rave reviews.

  2. Smiley Rodriguez

    Well built smoker no gaps (I placed hi-temp insulation tape on all the lids) no smoke leaks. I bought mine 3 1/2 years ago and I really enjoy smoking and grilling on it.
    My friend saw it and he went out and bought one as well.
    Great smokers!!!

  3. Olecoot Phipps

    I bought mine in the early 90’s.. countless Briskets, Ribs, Pork butts, Chickens have been smoked on it.. still in use. Fixin to move up to a larger version.. A man can never have too many Smokers.

  4. Allen Garcia

    Bought the 20×40 version 12 years ago in 2008, and this is a fantastic smoker. I use the fire box for direct grilling and the main chamber for brisket (mostly). Definitely an heirloom pit that can be handed down for generations. Highly recommended!

  5. James Pigage

    Bought the double door in 1996, still going strong!!!
    This grill will last forever!

  6. Charley Valdez

    I had the smaller one lid (16 or 18 inch) version for 32-years. Firebox finally started burning out on a few spots and leaking a lot of heat, so I went with the 20×40 double lid this past month. HEB had one on sale, so I had to jump on it. Coated the new one with all the grease I could get from the old one and broke in right….

  7. Art C

    I bought a 24×60 double lid w/firebox in the mid ‘90s in Hempstead. In 2003 my job sent me to KY and I sold it. There’s nothing like it here, so later that year I was kicking myself for selling it and the only one like it was in OK. The dealer built a frame and crate and shipped it to me. This one I’ll keep for Lyfe, nothing better.

  8. Rick

    Bought the 20” x 40” for 20% off at H‑E‑B, awesome deal and steal. $1300 smoker for $1100!! Everywhere else they wanted over $1500 for this size and quality. This pit/smoker is built to last a “Lyfe Tyme”. Already seasoned it and cooked some fajitas. Next up a brisket… #DaPitIsLit!

  9. Tracy Stanley

    Bought 35 years ago in 1985, single door w firebox and hauled it back to Arlington in the back of a pickup. This is a well built, long lasting, hand me down when I die, smoker! Not the junk iron found in 75% of the new ones. They still make ’em right. Burnt the wood handle off many years ago, but baling wire works. Am 78 years old and have been replaced by 2nd wife who wont let me near beer or smoker. She is a darn good pit master in the old grill.

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